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Community management: responsibilities, skills & tips for successful execution

A lively online community needs a successful community management, clearly defined tasks and goals. Here you will find practicable tips.

Net Promoter Score (NPS): definition, calculation, example and advantages

Specialist article on topic of Net Promoter Score. Definition, calculation, formula, example, criticism of NPS, advantages & disadvantages.

Customer Community: Challenges, Benefits, Tips for Member Recruitment.

A customer community is a challenge for companies, but it offers many opportunities and benefits. Find also tips on how to recruit members.

Generate passive income with mypinio’s simple affiliate programme!

Quickly build up a permanent, stable passive income without much effort, without risks and investment with mypinio's affiliate programme

Online community: definition, advantages, challenges, use cases

In this blog post, you will learn what an online community is, what the benefits are and what the important challenges are for operators.

Brand ambassadors: importance, what they have to be able to do

Brand ambassadors play an increasingly important role for companies as they promote brands and products on social media.

Sample & sample size: definition, examples, calculation, formula, tool

Everything you need to know about sampling. Sample, definition, types, examples, calculation, formula. Free sample size calculator tool.

These are the most important arguments for running your own brand community

Use mypinio as an engaged and feature-rich brand community and gain valuable insights from your customers' perspective. Test it now for free.

Increase survey feedback & response rates: These are the ultimate best tips!

Our experts show you how to significantly increase response rate and feedback in online surveys with these valuable and actionable tips.
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